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Writer. Marketer. Creator.

Emily Bender is a writer, marketer, and creator based in Augusta, Georgia, and only occasionally writes about herself in third person. She holds a wide range of experience in marketing and has held positions in social media, content creation, copywriting and strategy. In her current role, Emily manages social media pages, creates content, analyzes campaign data and metrics, collaborates with social media influencers and brand ambassadors and ensures brand compliance with all pieces under her care. 


As a strong writer with an eye for design, Emily has been published both domestically and internationally in newspapers, magazines and other print media. In 2017, Emily began freelancing her skills as a writer, marketer and designer with various clients. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus in writing and a Master of Science with a focus in marketing and advertising, both from Purdue University.


Strategy is at the forefront of all her work, and Emily believes that effective marketing bubbles down to effective communication. She specializes in strategic initiatives like branding, graphic design, social media engagement, integrated marketing campaigns, editing and publishing.


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