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Purdue Ski and Snowboard Club Get Ready for Spring Break

Originally published Feb. 13, 2013 at The Exponent.


Though most Boilers will be at the beach this Spring Break, for the members of the Purdue Ski and Snowboard Club, Spring Break will be spent on the slopes.

The athletic and social club is home to around 250 avid snow-sport lovers with varying skill levels. Among other things, the Ski and Snowboard Club holds Spring and Winter Break trips to the West, socials at Mad Mushroom, hiking trips in the spring and movie nights with free gifts from sponsors such as Rockstar.

Kara Smith, a senior in the Colleges of Health and Human Sciences and Liberal Arts, has only been skiing for one year but will be traveling with the club to Wyoming in a few weeks.

“I’ve been on two trips now, Jackson Hole and Copper Mountain, both absolute blasts,” Smith said. “This Spring Break we’re headed back to Jackson Hole – and for good reason. It’s ranked No. 1 on Forbes’ best ski resorts in America list, not to mention all the members had the time of their lives there last Spring Break.”

When the members aren’t on trips, the club also holds fundraising events for the High Fives Foundation, which raises money and awareness for athletes that suffer life-altering injuries while pursuing dreams in winter action sports. Thankfully, not many club members have been injured while skiing or snowboarding.

Andrea Falk, a senior in the Colleges of Engineering and Science, has been skiing since she was in second grade on a trip to Colorado. However, she encourages anyone who is interested to join the club, regardless of skill level.

“Our members range in skill level from ‘Back-Country Bowl Skiers and Snowboarders’ to, ‘What’s Snow?’ skill levels,” said Falk.

Despite being such a large club, the skiers and snowboarders are a very social and welcoming group.

“Just follow the club around for a day – you’ll have plenty of stories,” Smith said. “We’re outrageous in the best way. My favorite ski quote from the movie ‘Further’ sums up the club and what we do best: ‘You never forget the people you’ve had good days with in the mountains.’”

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